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The Eternals Easter Eggs and Things You May Have Missed

As you might imagine, I’m more into Star Trek, but I love me some Marvel movies. I am always fascinated by how someone with esoteric knowledge can look upon something and see something totally differently than I did. Peep the New Rockstars video below for more than you ever would have guessed could be contained in the teaser trailer.

Marvel does an amazing job of connecting themes and concepts in its movies and shows, but thissss might be next level. Chef’s kiss! I am even more excited now!

Credit: New Rockstars

Marvel Studios’ Eternals: Official Teaser

Credit: Youtube/Marvel Studios

Have you seen the teaser yet?! Marvel is getting better at not giving much away in its trailers. You know, people are gonna complain either way, but I am in the “less is more” camp. Directed by recent Oscar-winner Chloe Zhao, this is Marvel’s most anticipated movie in a very long time. And, this is kinda deep cut because the majority of people don’t know who the Eternals are or how they fit into the Marvel Universe. I won’t rehash all of it here, but I will say that I am a little worried about how they will be used going forward. The Eternals are kinda the Deus ex machina of the universe in that they can be the reasons or the fixers for any problem that happens when writers have written themselves in a corner. I’m wondering if they will have a montage showing scenes where they were in the background, but not visible in prior movies. I’m also curious if this movie is how Marvel will introduce mutants in the MCU. I’ve been waiting for that. We’ll see.

This might be Marvel’s most diverse movie cast to date, which I am so excited to see. Seems like this has more Asian, East Asian, and Latino representation than we have ever seen in a Marvel movie so far. It’s safe to say that everyone in this movie is yoked to the max as well. We all remember seeing Kumail Nanjiani rocking like an 18-pack a couple of years ago for the role of Kingo Sunen. I’m wondering why Angelina Jolie is so prominent in the teaser given my comics knowledge, but I guess she is the biggest star in the movie.

Brian Tyree Henry is holding it down for the blerds out there. He’ll be playing the inventor, Phastos. He is amazing and always adds a certain blunt realness to his roles, so I am looking forward some deadpan jokes and perhaps some betrayal.

Lauren Ridloff is also holding it down for us and the deaf/hard of hearing community, a group we haven’t seen portrayed in Marvel before. She’s playing Makkari, a superfast Eternal who can also communicate telepathically with the Celestials.

I’m excited about this movie! Are you? It looks beautiful. It comes out November 5, 2021. Everybody get vaccinated, so we can get back together in theaters!