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Superman and Lois: Small Town Values with Some Butt-kicking Action So Far

First, Spoiler Alert if you haven’t been watching so far. Lex Luthor is Black. I must admit that I got excited when I saw him. We’ve only seen him once so far, but we know he is Black, wealthy, technologically advanced, and angry. I tried to get into the show Krypton and just couldn’t do it, but Superman and Lois treads a more familiar path, and perhaps pathos. How can one feel pity for a superman? When Superman is trying to eek out a normal existence as a husband and a parent while also trying to be available to save the world at a moment’s notice. Being the world’s savior is the life that he chose, but he couldn’t possibly have imagined all of the consequences that would come along with it. And, how does one prioritize being a family man at moments when the world also needs you.

So far, these themes are being explored in Superman and Lois on The CW. CW sci-fi shows are very hit or miss, but they seem to be taking their time with world-building. Clark Kent is the father of twins, one struggling with mental health issues, and husband to Lois Lane. Lois Lane is as she always is- a strong, trail-blazing reporter. However, they are having trouble connecting as a family and, due to the death of Martha Kent and the risk of losing the farm, end up moving back to Smallville. Also as usual, Superman wrestles with the themes of success and superiority based on natural ability vs. meritocracy and what that means for society as a whole.

Thus far, Lex Luthor is not the main villain of the show, which is good because it leaves the viewer guessing. I am looking forward to seeing if they can flesh out Lex Luthor’s character and motivations, and particularly, whether his Blackness will play any role in his everfresh beef with Superman. We shall see.