So much for the Transit of Venus…

Well, I came, I saw, but I did not conquer the Transit of Venus.  I don’t know if you can hear the disappointment in my typing, but imagine a sad puppy dog face while reading the next few lines.  I stood outside for 2 hours and finally gave up.  Went to my local science museum to see it through a gigantic telescope, but the clouds decided that wasn’t going to happen.  Honestly, the weather was pretty ominous all day, so it was mainly a chance to be around other geeks and nerds.

Success!  I spent 2 hours discussing telescopes and getting recommendations on one to buy. Once the fact that I was talking to other nerds was established, I told them about the blog and, suddenly, there were six of us talking non-stop. It was awesome, natch!

Venus was somewhere between the cloud on the left and behind the building.  Doesn’t that cloud look apocalyptic, like something is going to Independence Day-style fly out of it?


Veni, vidi, vi…not so much. Hear that? That’s God laughing at our plans.

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