Captain’s Log:The New Star Trek Trailer Is Up!!!!

So, I held my breath for 1.06 minutes while the official trailer was playing!  Squeee!  I’m so excited, but I must calm down because we have a few months to go yet.  I have been hearing that Benedict Cumberbatch is a great actor and the bee’s knees over in the UK, so I am excited to see him as the villain in this movie.  It appears that he has some sort of augmented strength or other ability and some very big weapons.  Some people think he will play Gary Mitchell and some think that he will be playing Khan.  I can’t tell yet, but I’m leaning toward Mitchell.  Who knows, he may be a completely new character.

I’ve seen some other critical reviews of the trailer that are concerned that the new Star Trek movie will be action-heavy and villain-focused.  That is precisely why I enjoyed TOS and TNG and disliked DS9 and Voyager’s later seasons.  I want action and a complex villain that I can dissect!  There was no reasoning with Nero (Eric Bana) in the first film; he was relentless and that was his strength.  Come to think of it, maybe Eric Bana should have been Bane in TKDR instead of Tom Hardy.

Chris Pine just doesn’t age–you know, I think he has done a very good job as a young Kirk.  I wasn’t convinced at first.

Oh and the future doesn’t look very diverse in J.J. Abrams view.  I counted 3 brown faces after watching again; Uhura, Sulu, and a screaming unnamed extra.  Reading the Star Trek wiki, I just learned that J.J. Abrams was concerned about casting a Korean person as Sulu (a Japanese person), but George Takei gave him the go ahead.  I wish someone would have asked me about casting Zoe Saldana as Uhura.  I still think that casting was pretty wrong, but she has done an alright job in the role.  Kerry Washington would have been truer to form, but oh well.

Alas, here’s hoping that the actual movie is a bit more diverse.  J.J., I hope you’re listening.  You have a real opportunity here.

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