Captain’s Log: Ready for Captain Worf?


Photo credit: Memory Alpha

We’ve been hearing that Michael Dorn is trying to put together a Captain Worf series for a while.  Is the world ready?  I am.  I would really like to see how Starfleet would handle a non-human captain.  I have been trying to think back through all the captains and admirals in the various series and I can’t think of any non-humans.  Correct me if I’ve missed someone.

It would be fascinating to see how Worf manages his allegiances to the Klingon Empire with his duties to Starfleet.  And, as of the finish of Deep Space 9, Alexander is serving on a ship, Worf was solely responsible for bringing down Chancellor Gowron and replacing him with General Martok, and his human family is getting older– there’s lots to draw from for a script.  I really hope they have him married to a Klingon woman because I always wanted to see where his relationship with K’Ehleyr would’ve gone.  Klingon women are such rich and volatile characters.

The first thing they will have to deal with is what happened during an away mission on DS9 when Sisko announced: “This will go in your service record… and to be completely honest, you should know that they’ll probably never give you a command of your own after this.

TulsaWorld has a good article on the effort.  Check it out.


  1. Demian

    I’m all for it. There really needs to be a Star Trek show on. I just wonder if they would be hesitant with the new movies that keep coming out. It’s never been a problem before but you never know how those corporate types think. The more Star Trek brand out there the better is what I think.

  2. Space Crip

    That quote is exactly what I’ve been thinking about wrt this new series. Hopefully we see how Worf gets his command rather than having the show start after he’s established himself as a captain. I’d love to see him interact with his brothers some more. Maybe he could have a first contact mission with Sergey’s chosen people? (I think the producers could entice Paul Sorvino into making another appearance if they let him belt a song or two…) Or maybe Kurn could start to regain some his memories of Worf and his old life? (I’d even settle for seeing Jeremy Aster again.)

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