1. Carrie Lange

    I agree completely with you! And Garak is my all time favorite ST character. DS9 is fairly tied with Enterprise as my fave ST shows. Both of them, but esp. Enterprise, are deeply misunderstood and under appreciated by TNG fanatics. The thing I loved so much about both of them is the over arching story line. I know Gene’s vision was to have each show be unto it’s own, with no real link to the others. And I DO like TNG and TOS, but I personally love the fact that DS9 and Enterprise were more like an epic journey with cliff hangers and intrigue and highly complex story lines and characters. Enterprise was so different from preceding shows, that people didn’t give it enough of a chance. I think if more fans had stuck with it, they would have seen the genius of the show and the characters. Cap. Archer is by FAR and away my fave captain. he did all the things we wished the other captains would do. 😉

    • blacktrekkie

      I liked Enterprise better than DS9 because they stayed on topic. I haven’t counted, but DS9 had so much filler that it was obvious the writers were confused.

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