Qapla’, b*tches!

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my blog!  I hope that you will enjoy my musings about the Star Trek Universe.  I hope to infuse the blog with humor about life, dating, and other happenings relevant to all the lovers of the Trek.  We are going to have some killer episode and movie reviews!  If you hadn’t guessed already, wait for it… I’m black, word to Styles P.  I rarely run into black trekkies with whom I can discuss the art of the Trek.  Usually, it comes out in a hushed tone after I’ve figured out that I have encountered another potential nerd.  Then, it turns into a trivia smorgasbord and discussions of who is the better captain.  Let me say, I AM the best captain in my own mind, but I’ll be glad to listen to your thoughts.

Who is Captain Jackson anyway?

Captain Jackson, short for  Captain Shante T’Pel Beyoncé Sisko Jackson, is the great grandchild of Uhura and Spock, after he stopped frontin’ on his feelings. It’s Hov.

In all seriousness, I am native North Carolinian who stayed up way too late in her formative years trying to watch the Next Generation re-runs that came on before Rawhide.  The Treks helped me dream about life beyond the hood and imagine a world without poverty.  In my real life, I fight poverty on a daily basis and attempt to expand the horizons and provide educational opportunities for low-income youth.

What is Black Trekkie? is born out of a need to find you, whoever you are, who can relate to my trekki-ness.  It’s a place to dream and discuss about the Trek, the state of science fiction, physics, nerdiness, and why Levar Burton should get an Image award every year for Roots, Reading Rainbow, and keeping the Enterprise running despite being forced to wear a banana clip on his face, real talk. I know there are other black trekkies/nerds out there, maybe we can meet up one day.

You don’t have to be black to enjoy this site, heck, we even have a penchant for green b*tches around these parts.  All you need is a quick-witted sense of humor and geeky sensibilities.

And, why should I care about black rights in space?

-Because it’s the final frontier, mofo. Because Outkast said so.  Neil deGrasse Tyson can’t do it all by himself.

Live Long!

Dif-tor heh smusma (Live Long and Prosper) and please come back soon!


    • blacktrekkie

      Thanks! I’m going to try to post something new once a week at first. I’m still deciding in what direction to take the blog. Anything you’d like to see addressed?

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